Despite the pandemic related online format, we seek to round off the Summer School with an explicitly spatial experience. For those living in Zurich, the Irchel Nature Trail can be completed independently and at any time. The ‘Blinde Kuh' podcast offers insights into the lives of blind and visually impaired people. Both projects will be presented on Friday, June 18, and will be available at 2.15 pm.

Irchel Nature Trail

Irchel Nature Trail is an educational trail through the University of Zurich's Irchel Campus and the surrounding Irchel park. Around 3 kilometers in length, the engaging nature trail leads visitors through meadows, forests and mudflats, with 20 knowledge stations providing information about the park’s ecosystem. The idea for the trail stems from two PhD students in ecology who wanted to give Irchel Campus visitors the chance to discover the park’s beautiful natural environment. Additionally, the trail provides an attractive link to the research done at the University of Zurich for the general public. Since 2020, the UZH Science Lab has been collecting data of the park's biodiversity using the iNaturalist App.

Blinde Kuh City Walk



In order to offer participants a special kind of city tour, guides of the Blinde Kuh Zürich recorded their usual City Walk as a podcast. It offers blind, visually impaired and sighted people a unique listening experience of a vibrant Zurich.

You can also download the podcast (MP3, 91 MB), and if living in Zürich, walk along the actual route while listening! It starts at Zürich Stauffacher.